Photo by: Mike Bloom

The Elizabeth Collection 

Handmade Leather Goods

When The Elizabeth Collection first got it's start, we opened a booth at a Local Fall Festival in 2012. Eric was tinkering with his leather and tools in the back of the booth. Beth went to the back of the booth to get Eric because an elderly woman wanted to speak to him. She told Eric her late husband was a leather worker and seeing him working on leather brought back memories for her. She asked us to come to her home that evening and we did. She had brought down all these racks of 1960's leatherworking tools that used to belong to her husband. She said, "Put these to good use". We encouraged her to have them appraised, but she wanted Eric to have them. That was affirmation that we were on the right track. Today Eric still uses these tools. Eric stated, "It was a really cool moment and why we are here. Why we are in a place like the lower Hudson Valley"


"Kindness such as that is something that cannot be manufactured or bought.

It's Genuine and Hand-Stitched from the Heart. It's Timeless"

Stated- Abigail Cummings

 @2018 By The Elizabeth Collection

Located in the

Lower Hudson Valley

Newburgh, NY

  • The Elizabeth Collection
  • The Elizabeth Collection