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Elizabeth Moore

My upbringing began in Ohio stemming from a 7 generation farm and three generation bakery owners. I was surrounded by entrepreneurs and a small business minded environment. This created an environment of ideas, problem solving, and creativity. My mother remembers me with a crayon in hand since the moment I could grasp it and my advanced talent caught the attention of my teachers from a young age. I learned to work with different mediums and create images from a portrait to abstract. In high school a teacher submitted my work to Kent State University where I won the Blue Ribbon, Gold Key and my work was then submitted to New York City. While the work was only on display for a brief time, it was an amazing accomplishment of mine. I went on to travel Europe, go to college, started a family and moved multiple times during my years as a military wife. My consistent involvement with the arts would wax and wane over time, evolving in each season from traveler, to student, to wife and mother but being a successful artist and business minded woman never left me.

I experienced many evolutions in life both on my own and the lives of the military community around me. We were in California for 8 years before we moved to New York which was unusual. Even with stability of staying put, everyone else was still moving. My environment was still continuously changing, and I had to learn to adapt and conquer the new change, the new networks, new personalities, the new obstacles.  I learned to be more versatile with every change including an unexpected journey to New York where I would unexpectedly lay my roots. My lifestyle from childhood through adulthood brought me full circle to have the mind set and capability to own The Elizabeth Collection and to have it continually grow through obstacles, changes, and success. My journey in life prepared me for this very moment, of owning my own business.

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